nests and blockage removal

Nest & Blockage Removal

One of the first signs that a bird or squirrel is making a home in your chimney is the presence of twigs or other ‘non-chimney’ debris in the fireplace. Most commonly, jackdaws, squirrels or starlings like to nest in chimneys.

At worst, a blockage can be lethal, particularly if you have a gas or Parkray type fire because of the emission of carbon monoxide.  The chimney of an open fire may become blocked resulting in smoke entering the room or even a chimney fire.

If you think there is a blockage in your chimney, please advise us, or call to discuss the problem.  We can remove most blockages and can establish what has happened and advise on how to prevent it happening again.

Since there may be eggs or even hatched baby birds in a nest (which are protected) we will not remove nests during the breeding season (May & June) to ensure that the young have left the nest.

The cost of removing a nest is dependent upon the time needed to remove the obstruction.

Most nests can be removed during the normal chimney sweeping process and therefore no additional cost will be incurred for the removal of the blockage (just the cost of the sweep).

Often nests can be cleared within an hour while other nests require more time to remove. The rate for removal of chimney blockages is £35 or there part of.