Price list


Chimney Sweeping

A standard sweep starts from 75 Euro
Other chimneys in the same house will be charged at £50 each (standard sweep)


This is a professional chimney sweep making sure there is no debris anywhere and finish off with a smoke inspection so you will be able to see for yourself how clean and safe your chimney really is.

We do offer discounts for more than one chimney being cleaned in the same area please see our front page for discounts

A non-standard sweep would include removal of birds nests, heavy deposits of soot from lack of regular sweeping. Removal of tar deposits with 'Power Sweeping', or awkward access from van to hearth.


Recorded CCTV Inspection and clean from 120 Euro

The inspection and report includes a sweep of the chimney, a recorded CCTV inspection of the flue, a video survey of appliance and chimney and a written report.

We accept cash,cheque or pay with your credit card via paypal


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