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chimney balloon

Price: 30,00 EUR
Ensure a cozy home by keeping unwanted cold air out, and warm air in with a Chimney Balloon fireplace damper. Easy to inflate and install between fireplace use, this Chimney Balloon is a great way to cut the influx of air through the chimney into your home, save on your energy bill and keep heat in your house this winter season. The Chimney Balloon, also know as a Chimney Pillow, is an inflatable tight-sealing chimney damper. The Chimney Balloon is made of 3 ply poly plastic that stops uncontrolled air infiltration/exfiltration through the chimney. Install the inflatable chimney plug by holding it in place in the chimney while you inflate it with air. Before you start your next fire, open the tap on the Chimney Balloon handle to deflate it within seconds for easy removal. The inflation valve has a bright red card at its end that will hang down into the opening of the fireplace to help you remember that the Chimney Balloon is in place. To insure you order the correct size, measure the length and depth of the location within the flue where you will be installing a Chimney Balloon. Order a Chimney Balloon that is up to 6 inches larger in either dimension than your measured opening. The location for the Chimney Balloon should be an area that is not interfered with by the damper flap or other hardware, and must have at least 6" in height of parallel or slightly sloping walls with sufficient texture for the balloon to grab and lodge in during inflation.

chimney sweep

Price: 65,00 EUR
We usually need to allow an hour per chimney We will need room to bring in our equipment, so the area in front of the fire needs to be cleared, ideally allowing an area of 2 meters (6 feet) squared Sometimes the chimney can be swept through an external hatch in the chimney breast. It will still be necessary to have access to the house to ensure that no debris falls into the fireplace or soot enters the room during the sweep We will place sheets over the fireplace to protect the room. However, if soft furnishings or delicate objects are close to the fireplace, we ask that you cover these or remove them for safety There is no need to cover all the furniture and surfaces in the room, unless you want to We will require a live 13 amp socket to plug in our commercial vacuum cleaner. The Sweep will then work at the fireplace using brushes, rods and the vacuum to remove soot or other debris from the chimney. We will leave the fireplace clear and clean – and the chimney safe to use. Finally will conduct a smoke test to make sure that the flue is completely clean

CCTV inspection

Price: 120,00 EUR
You can have the chimney CCTV inspected for €100.00 and that includes power sweeping as well, When should I have a survey carried out? When you are changing appliance. For example if you are having a stove fitted it would be recommended that you have a survey carried out to access the condition of the flue. It may need to be relined if the flue is in poor condition. After a chimney fire. If you have moved into a new house, you don't know the condition of the flue, likewise if you have not had a fire lighting in a long time, you don't know what condition your flue is in. If you are experiencing chimney problems such as the smell of smoke in another room or upstairs when the fire is lighting. If there are visible signs of deterioration on your chimney such as cracks or smoke spillage marks on the chimneybreast or cracks or smoke spillage on the chimneystack. How long does it take? It can take up to 90 minutes on site, as we would normally clean the chimney before sending the camera up.

Carbon monoxide alarm

Price: 30,00 EUR
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas which is very toxic. Exposures to CO can cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, or loss of muscle control. However, there could be many other causes for these symptoms and that is why carbon monoxide poisoning is so difficult to diagnose. If inhaled, carbon monoxide crowds out life-sustaining oxygen from red blood cells. Prolonged exposure to high concentrations of CO can lead to unconsciousness, brain damage, or death